NattyCat Mini ID Wallets

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These absolutely adorable mini wallets are the perfect way to carry around all your most important items. Attach them to a lanyard or badge reel for work, conventions, shows, and more - or use them as a smaller, more compact everyday wallet!



  • Cardholder pockets are accessible to those of us with long nails! Dips in the cardholders give you space to grab the card when removing it, and a convenient hole in the clear ID pocket serves the same purpose. No more struggling to get your ID out! There are 5 pockets for cards not including the clear ID slot!
  • A zippered pocket to hold things securely! Use it for money, notes, small items you don't want to lose, etc! 
  • Clear ID slot w/ Glitter details! Useful for a night out at the Bar, holding tickets needed for events, student or work ID cards, etc! No more fishing around to show your ID!
  • Mini D-Ring for attaching lanyards, badge reels, keychains, small carabiners, etc! 
  • 4.5in long x 2.5in wide! Small, compact & cute!
  • All lanyards shown are available in the "Lanyards" section of the shop! THEY DO NOT COME WITH THE LANYARDS SHOWN. 
  • SO MANY COLORS! Choose from: Pastel pink, purple, blue, mint, green, yellow! OR go with a classic black! 

Things to note: There's a natural dark stripe near the bottom of the clear ID pocket - this is normal! Some of the lighter linings can show the faux leather through. These wallets are a NattyCat original design, and were created from the ground up to be especially cute and functional! 

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