♡ NattyCat FAQ ♡

Q: How long until my order is shipped/ what shipping service do you use?

A: I kindly ask that all customers give me at LEAST 7 business days to ship an order. ALL packages are sent via USPS. We also do not ship orders the day you receive a shipment email - labels are printed, and then orders are sent to be packaged! We ask for up to 3 business days to package orders and get them dropped off to USPS! We do not package or ship on the weekends.

Please remember this is a one woman operation, and I'm a full time student! I primarily pack on the weekends and ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you are not okay with this processing time, please  do not order from my store. I will always attempt to get orders out sooner than this, of course; It just isn't always possible. 

You will always receive a shipment email with tracking details once the label for the order has been printed!!

If you'd like an order shipped ASAP for a special occasion, just email me and we can get it sent out! 

Q: What is a pre-order?

A: When you pre-order a design, that means that you're helping to fund the production of the item! This is beneficial to both me and you, because pre-orders will ALWAYS be steeply discounted!

Pre-orders can take up to 10 weeks to arrive - though typically they arrive much sooner, and the typical wait time is about 3-6 weeks. Each pre-order listing will clearly state in the title if it is a pre-order item!

Pre-order wait times will ALWAYS be laid out in the listing description! It will say something akin to " This item is expected to arrive around mid (enter month here) to late (enter month here)" 

If you want an update on your pre-order status, please use the contact form to email Natty! We do not offer individual updates on pre-orders - to get a specific update about a wait time, just send us an email. NattyCat is happy to give you an update about your specific pre-order if you reach out. 

Please note that pre-order pricing is NOT available after pre-orders are held! 

Important note: not ALL pre-orders will reach the necessary funding to be produced. It's possible that if not enough people pre-order, designs will be archived and reworked! This has only happened to a few designs and is not frequent, but it is a possibility to be aware of! If you really want to see a design get made, make sure you share it around! 

Please read my store polices for more info on pre-orders!

Q: How do I take care of my new bag?

A: Check out our Bag Care Instructions! 

Q: Is there a limit on how many pieces I can order?

A: Typically, I ask that you keep your order to 5 of each design. This is because designs are typically ordered in small batches... some designs are also limited edition and will only be sold once - because of this I have decided to create an order limit of 5 of each design per customer. It's only fair to allow everyone to have a chance to own one. 

If you're ordering for multiple people or have a reason to order more items outside of the 5 piece limit, please reach out via the contact form! 

Q: Can I resell a pin i previously purchased?

A: Sure! If you’re cutting down on a collection or just don’t want it anymore, the item you purchased is yours to do what you’d like with - I just ask that credit is given to the shop and artist.

YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SELL MY DESIGNS UNDER ANOTHER BUSINESS NAME. If I find another business selling my work as their own, appropriate action will be taken. 

Q: I have two SEPARATE orders! Can I combine my shipping?

A: Yes, of course! Please EMAIL ME (customerservice@nattycat.net) to have this done! 

In some cases, it won't be possible to combine shipping - this is typically because one order is a pre-order and is shipping from a different location. These cases are rare though, and typically we can combine orders just fine! We'll also refund any extra shipping charges. 

Q: The design I want is out of stock! Will it be restocked?

A: Some designs I may possibly choose to restock based on demand. I always want my customers to be able to get the designs they want! Please keep in mind, however, that most of my designs likely won't come back once they're sold out.

There are some designs that will not come back, no matter what. Please check the item description to see if this is the case! If the item says LE or Limited Edition, it will not be restocked.  If there is a design you really want to see come back, let me know using the contact form or on social media!