Store Policies

Wondering about a policy or have a question? This is the page to check out! Here are all of NattyCat's policies - these help the shop run smoothly and make it possible for me to make your day a lil' bit cuter! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me! When you place an order in this shop, these are the policies that you're agreeing to follow. 

♡ Return & Exchange Policy 

 When you shop with NattyCat, we ask that you please be sure about your purchase before buying! We provide measurements and specific details to make sure you have the best idea of what you're buying before you receive it in the mail! 

We very rarely cancel orders that have been placed in our shop. I ask that you do not place orders that you are not sure you'd like to make - as a small business, placing and then canceling an order can hurt our operations in many different ways. If you do want to cancel an order, you need to email the customer service email with the order number and reason for cancelation within 24 hours of the order placed.  If you fail to email within that timeframe with the needed information OR if your order has already been processed and shipped, we will be unable to cancel your order.

In the case that any order arrives damaged, missing items or with defects, you must contact us within 14 days of the delivery date! Please use the contact form to contact NattyCat! We are thankful for the opportunity to make sure any issues get corrected - we want your products to be as cute and perfect irl as they are in our shop! 

♡ Pre-orders ♡  

Pre-orders are a special opportunity - you help fund the production of an item, and in return you receive a steep discount - pre-order discounts are typically the cheapest an item will be available for in the shop! 

Because of this, we do not accept returns or exchanges on any pre-order items.  

Pre-orders can take up to 10 weeks to arrive (though in many cases arrive much quicker!) and you are always welcome to use the contact form to reach out with any questions about a pre-order status! 

If a pre-order item arrives with any issues (noticeable defects, missing items, etc.) please contact us ASAP using the contact form - we want your order to be as perfect as you are, so we're always willing to help with any issues!

Orders that contain a pre-order item will ship once all items within the order are on and and ready for shipment - for example: if you pre-order an in stock, ready to ship item along with a pre-orer item, the entire order will ship once your pre-order item has arrived and is ready for shipment! 

♡ Bags, Clothing & Accessories  

You may make an exchange on any purchase within 14 days of receiving the item (this will be determined by the delivery date on the item tracking!). You will be responsible to cover the cost of return shipping, and you must contact NattyCat before shipping your order back! 

You can exchange for the same item, or a like item - if the item you're exchanging for has a higher price than the item you are exchanging, you are responsible to cover increased costs as well. Likewise, if the item you're exchanging for is of lesser value you will be refunded that amount.

At this time, we do not accept returns. Please remember - NattyCat is a very small business! Each sale is crucial, so we try to keep to exchanges and do our best to make sure you love the product you buy. This is why we kindly ask that you please be sure about making your purchase before you buy! Our no-return policy is one way we can ensure that our prices stay low & accessible to everyone! We have accurate measurements and descriptions on every item in the shop (and are always available via the customer service email to answer questions!) to ensure that you are confident about your purchase before you place an order. 

♡ Enamel Pins 

All enamel pins are sold as "Standard Grade" - this means it's possible to have very small defects in them! If you're a collector who would like a collector's grade pin free of any defects, please just use our Contact Form and reach out with your order number requesting a collector's grade pin! We are happy to provide completely perfect pins upon request!

Check out our Pin Grading Scale below for more info. 

We do not accept exchanges on enamel pins, please be aware of this when making your purchase! 

Enamel Pin "Grading" Scale for Quality: 

Collector's Grade: Free of imperfections! Available upon request. There is no price increase for a collector's grade item. 
Standard Grade: Small imperfections may be present, but aren't always present. These may include (but are not limited to) minor air bubbles, minor imperfections in glitter, minor smudging. These imperfections are minor and not overly obvious. Sold at standard price!
B-Grade: Includes imperfections that may be obvious! These include all the defects that may be present in standard grade pins, however these are typically not minor and may be more obvious upon viewing the item. Sold at a reduced price (typical discount is $1 - $3 off standard price) B-Grade items will always be marked as such in the listing. 
Seconds Grade: These pins have sweeping imperfections such as misplaced enamel, large scratches, etc. These may also be pins that were mis-colored in production, or have some other production defect. Sold at a reduced price (typical discount is $3+ off standard price)

♡ Shipping 

I kindly ask all of my customers to please allow us 7 business days to package and ship your order! I work hard to get all orders out ASAP - if there's something you'd like for a special occasion or need to arrive by a certain date, just shoot me an email

You'll receive a shipment email when the order is printed & the shipping label is created - however, we kindly ask for up to 3 business days to package and prepare the order for shipping! Your order does not ship the day you receive the shipment email, and will be dropped off ASAP after it's been properly prepared and packaged. 

All orders are shipped through USPS first class!

Shipping time estimates:


3-7 business days (Mon - Fri)

International (outside U.S)

10- 30 business days (Mon - Fri) after the package has left the country

Due to recent USPS changes, packages now arrive at a partner facility before they are shipped overseas.  This will appear on your tracking page as: Arrived at Shipping Partner Facility. This means the package has not left the country yet. 

I ask that you please only contact me about a lost package after the package has taken the maximum amount of time to arrive - that is 7 business days for domestic U.S. orders, and 30 business days for international orders! 

If your package is returned to us for any reason, you must contact NattyCat to have it sent out again. We understand that accidents can happen, and will resend it to you one time free of charge as a courtesy! Some reasons that packages may get returned to the sender are: an incorrect or invalid address put in at checkout, unpaid customs fees, etc.  

If there is a postal strike, public health issue, or any other extenuating circumstances that may cause postal delays outside of our jurisdiction shipping times may increase! If you are concerned about the amount of time an order is taking to arrive after it's been marked shipped and on it's way, please check with your local post to make sure all shipping services are still operating under normal wait times. 


See what everyone's saying about our bags!


    The coffin ita bag was the first thing I ever got from nattycat and the first ita bag I've ever owned, and honestly it holds up so well.

    I still get compliments on it to this day, it's survived several theme park trips and a road trip and I use it basically every day.

    It's my most favorite purse I've ever used and matches my goth style perfectly. Nothing has broken off or torn, I've just had to clean it a few times from my clumsiness and it still looks fantastic.



    My first Ita bag was from NC that she sold in her shop. It was made with vegan leather and I love it but it's not something I use every day. My 2nd Ita was the Mini Moon Bag. I love the canvas, I use the bag daily and I love how durable it is. I even get compliments because it's so cute. I have alot of bags, [...] I also backed for the NC Wallets and it was definitely one of the best decisions I made. NC Products is very high quality and amazingly cute. I got my friend a wallet as well and she loves it, very durable. Lots of love for NC and will happily support the awesome and cute bags she makes along with other products.



    I have a bought a range of NattyCat bags over the years:

    Mini game boy bag

    Original game boy bag

    Casual heart bag

    Coffin bag (original & kickstarter ver.)


    Paw ita bag

    All of which have held up and are still in amazing condition after having for years now. Plus pins, sweaters, etc. Im always amazed at the quality of products!!


  • Traci, Long time customer

    I’m so excited for this 😍 I’ve ONLY used [NattyCat] ita bags (casual heart, coffin, and the drawstring heart is my daily) for the last 2-3 years, and I can’t wait to add another to my collection! The quality is always above and beyond. Ngl, I’m a little rough on my bags, so the fact that my NC bags still look like-new (minus the pet hair lol) is a true testament to the love and dedication to quality that goes into these designs.

    Traci, Long time customer

  • Leeann, New customer

    I bought my first Natty Cat bag & pins about a month ago and I am so obsessed with it. I usually switch around bags about once every two weeks because I get bored or it doesn’t suit my needs but not hers! The strap is perfect - comfortable and not too big but not too small. I seriously never have issues with my shoulder hurting from the strap which happens with a lot of bags.

    Don’t get me started on the details of this bag. The heart zipper details are just so cute! I just love that you can wear it 3 DIFFERENT WAYS! I’ve never had a bag I can use as a backpack and a crossbody bag. I always have to switch from one to the other and everyday backpacks are usually too small.

    Leeann, New customer


    I actually own multiple of Natty Cats bags and none of them have disappointed in the years I’ve had them. I’ve actually had them hold up a lot better then bags I’ve spent more money on! (Example: I used to use a bag I bought from Hot Topic as my everyday purse. After using it for less then a month with only carrying a very thin book, my wallet and a card wallet in it, the clasp holding the strap onto the bag snapped while I was walking, causing me to drop my purse and my stuff to go flying) I’ve never had this issue with any of NattyCats bags, and I use one of the bigger purple ITA bags as a daily bag for work, as my work requires me to bring my laptop home every night. It’s held up amazingly and I’ve been using it for almost a year and a half now, every day, walking home from work.