Alien Kitty Plush Bags

WELCOME to the TOP-SECRET Alien Kitty Plush Bag pre-order page! 
If you were granted access to this page, congratulations! You're awesome! 
Thanks for all of the support - only broadcast members and NattyCat Club members got the code to enter here! Your support is endlessly appreciated - I couldn't make cute stuff without your help. 
Pre-orders are DISCOUNTED, and the prices won't ever be this low again! These bags will be coming with me to Anime NYC, Holiday Matsuri, and a few other local events... because of this, I'm not sure if I'll have any leftovers for the online shop! I was only able to order 100 of each bag, which is a super low stock number, especially considering Anime NYC and Holmat. I am offering super-discounted pre-orders to the people who support me the most, so you guys won't have to worry about any stock selling out + will get the product before anyone else + will get a discount. 
I hope you love these two bags! They were SO fun to design - just a cute, casual plushie bag for cuddling and loving while on-the-go!  

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