CLEARANCE Casual Heart Ita Sidebag

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This pin bag from NattyCat is smaller, lighter & cuter than ever!

Dimensions: 8in tall, 6.5in wide, 2.5in deep! Strap length is 58in & adjustable (20.4cm tall x 16.5cm wide x 6.35cm deep, 148cm total strap length)

  • This bag features canvas as opposed to the traditional faux leather! Why canvas? Canvas material has more give & durability than faux leather, and gives off a more casual & relaxed look! You can pin badges and enamel pins to the canvas - the canvas is very durable and doesn’t show holes like faux leather or satin might!
  • This canvas is also safe to apply iron-on or sew-on patches too, and can be customized with fabric paint - just be careful when applying!
  • It also features TWO windows - one in the shape of a cute chubby heart, and one large square window! Since this bag is smaller, this maximizes window space so you can show off your goodies! The inner lining of the bag & windows is a beautiful bubblegum pink satin!
  • The heart side is framed by a stylish vegan-friendly faux leather panel - this helps the heart keep its shape, and adds a stylish accent!
  • The pink “NattyCat” strap included is removable and can be replaced with any strap you’d like!
  • Additional straps are available if you wish to replace the branded strap that’s included with the bag! You can find the listing here:
  • The inside has two pockets against each window - in addition to acting as pockets, these also ensure that items pinned through the window fabric don’t reach into the main pocket of the bag! This keeps your belongings inside safe & sound!

This bag is a crossbody/sidebag only, and does not function as a backpack.

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