LIMITED EDITION Pink Monster Baby Lounge Pants

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Be the cutest little monster around with these adorable Monster sweatpants! These pants feature a zipper "Monster mouth" pocket - a big 7in deep pocket to store all your most essential items (since it can zip shut, you don't have to worry about anything escaping!), and when you unzip it you see a scary monster mouth full of sharp teeth! Mouth and eye details are high-quality embroidery, and the pants have a loose-jogger type of fit! 

MEASUREMENTS ARE IN CM as it's more precise! Convert from CM to IN here:

WASH INSTRUCTIONS: Wash cold on delicate cycle - hang to dry! 

This colorway will never be restocked! Once it's gone, it's gone! 

See size chart for fit. Model (me!) is wearing a size Large!

Model measurements: 40.5in hips, 31in waist.


- 100% cotton pants, super soft & comfy. 

- NattyCat Brand tag on right pant leg cuff

- Monster mouth pocket - 6.5in deep with zipper closure

- Drawstring for maximum adjustability  

- Loose jogger fit 

- Now available in sizes up to 4XL!

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