NattyCat's Perfect Everyday Bag

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Do you have trouble deciding whether you want a crossbody, backpack, or purse? Need something that has LOTS of pockets and holds all your necessities while still being compact and easy to use? Look no further - NattyCat has spent the last 3 years creating the most functional (and adorable!) everyday bag! 
The features of this bag are endless, so let's go through them here: 
- Made of a durable canvas material! Our canvas is extremely durable & perfect for keeping bold, bright colors! The lash tab is made of durable faux leather! Straps are made with faux leather on the top, and canvas underneath for strength and comfort!
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND - THIS PRODUCT IS EXCLUDED FROM ALL SALES! Holiday sales + Shipping discounts will not apply to these bags.
- Three (3) wear styles! You can use this bag as a handbag, backpack or crossbody! 
-  Seven (7) Pockets - tons of organization space! - 3 main pockets and 4 outer pockets, including a super secret back side pocket! There are also various inner pockets for organization within the main compartment of the bag, too! 
- Functional Lash Tab! to give you the option to attach items to the outside of your backpack! This gives you the option to carry extra gear on the outside of your backpack if you need it! This is just another way that our bag excels in functionality!
-  Measurements are: 12in tall, 10in wide, and 3.5in deep - this size is incredibly efficient at holding a ton of stuff while also being nice and compact! 
This bag underwent three (3) years of development within the NattyCat design team - we've optimized it to be the perfect everyday bag through years of trial and error! We hope you love this bag as much as we loved creating it for you! 
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