Alien Kitty Squish Friend

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We're bringing these squishy friends to the NattyCat shop for a limited time!


These Kitties come in four colors: Original Alien Green, Pastel Purple and Pink, Black and Pink, and Rainbow Galaxy! 

All fabrics are mochi-style, super soft squishy fabrics EXCEPT the Rainbow Galaxy version! The Rainbow Galaxy fabric is a plush, fur-like texture with subtly printed holographic stars. These stars should not be too intrusive when touching the plush - though the texture will be a bit noticeable, it is not rough or hard. We will have some photos of the sample plush in this fabric soon, likely around the end of this week, but until then there is a mock-up and a fabric reference photo for you to refer to! When we have photos of the Rainbow Kitty, we will share them for everyone to reference! 

Kitties are 15in tall, including antennas, and VERY squishy and soft! 

A NOTE ABOUT RAINBOW KITTIES: Because of the different fabric from the other kitties, even though the Rainbow Galaxy kitty is the same size technically it appears a bit smaller! This is because the original green kitty and the other solid-color kitties are made of a super soft, SUPER stretchy mochi minky fabric - so when they're stuffed they become super big and cuddly! This means that even though they're only 15in tall, they green, purple and pink kitties appear much larger because of their stuffing! With the rainbow galaxy kitty, the fabric doesn't have the same stretch so it doesn't appear to "inflate" the way the other kitties will! There's a video demonstrating the difference in sizes! Remember, these are only visual differences and the two toys are the same exact hight, technically. 

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