Swappable Magical Mini Bags - Four Bags in One!

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Magic Mini Bags get their name from their magical ability to swap their fronts! That's right - these magical accessories can go from an elegant quilted bag to a super casual cute bag and then to a fun windowed Ita bag for showing off all your pins & collectibles! Oh, and did we mention that it can be worn as a backpack OR a crossbody? THAT'S RIGHT - this is all just one bag, with endless ways to wear it!

So, you're probably curious about how the magic happens. Well, a magician never reveals their secrets... but we can make an exception in this case!

Changing the bag face is a super easy process that only takes a few seconds! These faces are super secure and once they're on you will NEVER have to worry about them - just zip on the face of your choice and you're ready to show off your new style!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND - THIS PRODUCT IS EXCLUDED FROM ALL SALES! Holiday sales will not apply to these bags.

Let's talk features:

- This bag stands at 10.5in tall, including the handle accessory! The main bag compartment is 9.5in tall, 9.5in wide and 3.5in deep. 

- This bag comes with THREE straps, made of the same durable canvas & faux leather as the main bag! This means you can wear this bag as a crossbody or backpack!

-  You can remove the top face of this bag and change it to another style!  

You can purchase a mini bundle or a mega bundle! Mini bundles will include two faces for you to swap between, and mega bundles will provide four faces for you to swap between! This means you can have up to 4 bag styles to swap between! 




Will the ___ color face fit on my ___  color bag?! 

There’s an easy way to tell if a front panel will work on your bag: If it has the same zipper color as your bag body, it should fit just fine! For example, all of the Elderberry Haze bags will use black zippers! This means the Elderberry front panels are usable on the black bag bases, and vice versa. So, if you have pledged for a Black Mini Bundle and add on an Elderberry Haze bag, you’re able to put your Elderberry Front Panel onto your black bag (and vice versa!).

Now, as for mixing pink and black (which I know a lot of people have been asking about) our official stance on this is that this will not work. Our manufacturers have made it clear that the zippers may encounter issues when trying to connect to other zippers that are a different color. To put it simply, they’re just a bit too different to guarantee they’ll work seamlessly! We did try to work around this issue, but at the end of the day, they simply won’t always be compatible. 

Now, that’s not to say it won’t ever work - it can work just fine, and has before in our testing. But, officially, we have to let everyone know there is a chance that if you buy a pink face as an add-on for your black bag, it may not sit perfectly on your bag. The best thing to do, if you have your heart set on mixing faces, would be to buy a double bundle (two bags) this way you’re still able to use each color bag independently if you’re unable to swap the front panels between colors


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